About us

ANGIRUS is a Startup India, DPIIT recognized startup based out of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Formed in mid-2020 with an aim to help Government authorities and private organizations across the globe to upcycle non-recyclable waste material into functional and eco-friendly building material such as Bricks and Paver blocks using Angirus green waste management technology.

At ANGIRUS, we are trying to bridge the gap between stagnated Brick Industry and Innovation to reinvigorate the Indian Real Estate sector. Our Vision is to provide a sustainable and cleaner alternative technology to the brick industry, along with helping our country and authorities solve the problem associated with solid Waste Management and Brick Kiln pollution.

With our eco-friendly and innovative technology, we are on a mission to provide clean and affordable living space with our high-quality and lightweight building materials.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY- stands on the foundation of trust and principals towards our people,
INNOVATION- strive for solving problem and redefine standards of excellence,
RESPECT- inspire feeling of commitment and drive to do even better.
ACCOUNTABILITY- with all ethics and ownership we take the responsibility of our actions, and
CLIENT FOCUS- aim to be responsive and relevant by consistently delivering values to our customers.

Our Founding team

Lokesh Puri Goswami

Co-Founder, Head of Product Development

Kunjpreet Arora

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Harshit Jaroli

Head of plant operations Development

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Angirus Ind Pvt. Ltd.

Email- info@angirusind.com

Add. - Udaipur, Raj. 313001

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