Made using 100% recycled waste material
Dampproof and Lightweight bricks


Today, Brick Industry has become the second-largest source of air pollution, with more than 2 Lakh of Brickkiln in the Country. It consumes and degrades million ton of soil, fuel and water. It is highly seasonal dependent and unsustainable industry.

On the other side, Plastic waste and Construction & demolition waste are some of the enormous wastes generated in India but majorly of which goes in Dump-yards and Waterbodies. Harming wildlife, aquatic life and human being.

Angirus provides Eco-friendly and sustainable Technology to make Bricks and Paver blocks that are Damp-proof and Lightweight. Angirus products are 100% made from recycled plastic waste, and Industrial waste using Angirus patented Technology to help solve these two major problems.

What is wricks ?

Wricks is an environmentally sustainable and High-Quality Brick that is made 100% by recycling waste material all together, including 20% plastic waste.

Why to use wricks ?

Wricks is 30% Lighter in weight, 20% Stronger and 80% waterproof than the conventional red clay bricks, and does not require to soak in water before laying.

What makes it different ?

Wricks require one day of manufacturing and can be made available in any shape and size as per demand and requirements catalyst to the construction process.

Smart City

Angirus partner with ULBs and Municipalities to recycle locally collected plastic, demolition waste and other industrial waste into building materials like Wricks.

According to the C&D waste rule 2016, Local authorities and builders shall procure and utilize 20% of material made from C&D waste.Hence Wrick can be a better option to utilize this waste back into the construction. Wricks can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes in partition walls, boundary walls, parking area, community toilets, security rooms, single story offices, etc.

Our Benefits


WRICKS does not allow water to pass through the walls and make sure that there is no problem of water leakage, dampness and efflorescence in your structures.


WRICKS are lighter in weight which decreases the overall mass of structure, increases the efficiency of work while saving your money and precious time.


WRICKS reduces the overall construction cost by up to 20% and saves additional waterproofing cost and repairment cost of your wall structures.


WRICKS is recyclable, even after demolishing your structure we can again recycle Wricks demolition waste in new reusable Bricks reducing your demolished waste.


WRICKS are 100% made by recycling the waste material to consume huge amount of municipal and industrial waste with zero residue and low carbon emission.


WRICKS technology is clean and eco-friendly, designed to provide a healthy and safe working environment and sustainable solutions to our partners and stakeholders.